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What is Security code (CVV/CVC)?

It is a three or four-digit code on your credit card, separate from the 16-digit card number.

Most cards:

Back of the card: three digits located to the right of the signature strip.

American Express

Front of the card: four digits printed on either left or right side of the card.

You are protected
256-bit encryption

This is a free registration. Why am I asked to enter my card details?

It is for verification purposes. When you sign up for the free trial we will block up to $1 on your credit card to verify it is correct and not stolen. These amounts will appear on your card statement along with the corresponding refunds.

If you cancel your account within the free trial period (7 days), you will only see the verification charges and their corresponding refunds in your statement. If you do not cancel your account within one week, your account will be automatically extended to a premium account at the cost of 14.99$ per month.

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